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I'm a Software Engineer with the eye for the Front-End and the trade for the Back-End. I like to read, play guitar and spend time among books and writing. Currently working on Smart Dental Solutions 🛒


If you wanna connect, you can send me an email and I will be happy to answer.


If you are looking for a good fit into your team or someone who can build your project or be an advisor, you can check my Resume, I will be pleased to hear cool ideas or work with you.

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Hello there! maybe we haven't meet eachother, I'm Jonathan Bohorquez Q, a software engineer born and raised in Venezuela now based in Panama City.

I am a full-time software engineer with more than 7 years of experience. During that time, I have worked on the front end and back end for different projects: designing and redesigning news websites, creating eCommerce, tuning the performance of corporate and personal websites and, integrating new technologies into existing applications.

In my time as a Software Engineer, I have developed the skills and aptitudes that have helped me to be successful. I've learned valuable soft skills, like how to work with people, project management, teamwork and communication through experience. Then I've taken this same knowledge both personally and professionally by working alongside different cultures, countries and people in different organizations in order to build my skills further.

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